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    TOPICS 1
    □ Project Name:

    Inner Mongolia Museum / Inner Mongolia Opera House

    □ Main Intended Purpose: Museum 50,000㎡, Opera House 33,000㎡(1400 seats)
    □ Total Floor Space/ Structure/ S tories : 83,000 ㎡ / RC & S / 6 ? Stories
    □ Construction Schedule:

    2005 April
    2007 August

    Commencement of Construction
    Commemorative Ceremony
    60th Anniversary of Inner Mongolia
    Establishment of Autonomy Bor.

    2008 Spring Grand Opening
    ■ History ofAwarded Prize
    Designated Competition with International Public Offering – Winning 1st place
    (63 companies from Japan, China, Europe, US, and Australia were applied. Competed against 8 designated companies)
    Yasui Architects & Engineers,Inc.
    ■ As a public, cultural facilities of a Mongolian maximum level. Opening Soon , Spring 2008 .

    Design Concept

    Provincial Capital of Inner Mongolia - Hohhot City is the entrance city for several hundred tourists who come to visit Mongolian Grass-land for sightseeing from in and out of the country every year. Our design intension was to create the new city environment that embodies Mongolian Grass-land Culture by referencing to one of the theories in “Mongol Dynasty Anecdote” describing the birth of Large Mongolian Nation.
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